With more responsibility being shifted onto employees to fund and manage their own benefits many employers are taking active steps to improve their employee’s financial wellness.  Those organizations and employers that take proactive steps to implement the missing piece in most benefits programs will be rewarded with a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.
As Certified Financial Planner® professionals, we believe that the most beneficial benefit an employer or organization can give their constituents is financial literacy.  With this education and understanding, employees will be better prepared to fight off the three leading causes of employee stress constantly tugging away at workforce productivity and employee morale.
Most of these are problems may not necessarily be real, but in life perception is reality.  Through employee education, your employees will be better prepared to understand and appreciate the current benefits being provided, while also maximizing utilization and tax savings for all.  The leading employers moving into the future will be those who do the best job of helping employees most effectively manage their benefits to achieve their financial goals.

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